November 2023
Galeria Vera Cortês
Ceramic and black laminated tempered glass

Arrastamento is a plastic proposal in three moments of dilution between sculpture, drawing, and the idea of a continuous cycle phenomenon that begins and closes in succession.

In this intervention by António Bolota, materiality serves as the vehicle that transports us to a transidiomatic universe where linguistic crystallizations are shattered, and the orbits of concepts are diverted to a point of convergence and subsequent relaunch.

From the protolith, the sediment and fire, clay and glass. Two materials separated by diverse transformation processes transition between states - solid/liquid/solid - and undergo a new aesthetically calculated manipulation. The tranquility with which they now rest together, one upon another, another beneath one, in an almost ritualistic poetry, does not allow for the reading of the incandescent procedural violence that carved these pieces, a violence that we might dare to personify.

The black mantles with which António Bolota ambiguously covers these metamorphic figures - whether gently laid or brutally projected - while reflecting the light that reveals them to our eyes, seem to nullify the ground that supports them, creating a plane of spatial and temporal infinity; a plane of earthy metaphysics; a plane of union and convergence of everything that exists and from which everything grows: silicate, quartz, feldspar, the first stone.

André Lança